Lunar Energies August 2019


Let Your Light Roar

Spine straight, shoulders back, mind clear, heart open and Soul-driven!

We made it! 

We made it through the eclipses, we made it through the Mercury Retrograde, we made it through two months of massive clearing of all that no longer serves our highest and best potential.

We washed away core wounds in Cancer's nurturing waters. We came home to the heart. We opened to our Soul's alchemy into embodied form. Right here, right now. 

This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine!

We're in the season of full light. Full sun. Full abundance. And full gratitude. 

We're ready to get out, get excited, get moving, and get going! We are firmly planted in the heart with an energy that has come seemingly out of nowhere.

Leo energy. Fire energy. Energy that seeks full expression, no holds barred. Energy fueled by light, expressed as love, and acted upon with heartfelt intention. These aren't the fires of transformation (for once)!

These are the fires of expression, creativity, and creation. These are fires stoked by the soul, from the heart(h). We are on fire like never before. We are glowing, shining our light in service to empowering ourselves and those around us. We will not stand down, yet we will not use our fire (vitality, strength, and passion) for destruction.

Only love, compassion, forgiveness and the acknowledgment of the human condition will change the outcome. Use this fire, this power, this light for good. Use it to inspire the possibilities and potentials of what it means to be self-empowered, without the old programming of blame, shame, guilt, anger, dissociation, or denial.

Use your light, your energy, your fire to light the way for others. And ask for light when you need it ... share your energy with those who need it. Like sunflowers.

Nature always astonishes with its simple, profound metaphors. Did you know that sunflowers, which are known to turn themselves up toward the sun to receive its energy, turn toward each other when the sun isn't shining? They share their energy! 


Reflecting on the year that was ...   

At this time, in early August, we celebrate the first harvest, the first feast, the first reckoning with the turning of the seasons. This is Lammas - Lughnasadh- the cross-quarter festival between Summer Solstice and Mabon (Autumn Equinox).

As the wheel turns, we honor the seasons, the lessons, and the growth. 
It's a time to honor the progress we've made since the beginning of the year:

- Did we nurture the seeds we planted?
- Where did we place our attention, intention, and energy?
- Where have we been (re)directed and what have we accomplished?
- What gifts did this transformation bring? Did we expect them?
- How much space was created? What was cleared out?
- How much more Soul descended into form?
- What are we grateful for?

The inner journey - the underworld journey - the hero's journey - has brought us full circle. It's brought us to the first harvest and to the first full celebration of our soul's work, this year. It may have been arduous, exhausting, and even cataclysmic, but we made it to a newly empowered state where we're anchored into our Soul's purpose, seamlessly.

Reflect, celebrate, give thanks, and celebrate some more! 

The reflection on the year thus far is significant, as 2019 will feel like two years in one - starting now. We are imbued with new energy, understanding, and knowingness that we've earned, and worked-for. We made it through a multi-year evolutionary transformation; cycles within cycles within cycles.  

July 26th marked a new Galactic year; a new 13-year cycle and some say, a new 13,000-year cycle of the Divine Feminine. The soulful presence within us, our unquestioning connection to The Higher Power within. God. Divine. Source. Spirit. We are it, and we know it. This is the year of our 'Grand Re-orientation of Consciousness'.

"This Year is calling us to enter a new level of consciousness of the power of our perceptions and our words; activating a new awareness of how our inner world affects our outer lives." ~ Stephanie South

This shift portends instant manifestation. Time dissolves. Synchronicity abounds. Thus, the relationship with our mind and to our thoughts is vital to nurture with love - always from an open heart.


Working With The Lunation

The New Moon that kicked off this lunation was July 31st. Mercury stationed direct on this same day. And the eclipse portal officially closed. Mercury is moving through it's shadow phase and will be fully out on the 15th (same day as the full moon in Aquarius), and days after Jupiter stations direct. The forward momentum will be inescapable. 

We are emerging into even more light - more than we thought we could handle or hold. 

With so much optimistic, exuberant energy to pull from, the best option is to channel what feels right in any given moment, time out of mind. There's little need for external inputs or information. We know what we need to know the moment we pose the question. Trust this. Trust what wants to come out. And express it. 

Of significance astrologically is this year's Lion's Gate on 8:8. The Lion's Gate relates to the Star Sirius - the brightest star in our Galaxy and honored by the ancients. Its alignment opens us to receive more DNA activation, which speeds our cosmic evolution. Energy doesn't lie; our DNA is evolving and activating, creating paradigm shifts in our personal and collective consciousness. If you didn't believe in awakening, you will after this stargate. 

The figure-8 is a symbol of union, integration, harmony, abundance and balanced polarity. Soul Code Activation. Double infinity, infinite alignment, and the harmonious flow of energy as it surges and swells between the lower and upper chakras, harmonizing any separation, duality, and polarity within.

This particular Lion's Gate marks the completion of a two-year cycle that activated in August of 2017.

What started (or ended) in August 2017, and where has the cycle taken you? Did the beginning or ending unfold the way you expected? How have you grown? How much have you relinquished? How much have you gained - in self-awareness, soul-mastery, and empowerment?!

Whether we tune in or receive this portal passively, we are finding our balance, and we are ready to Roar.

May your light shine as brightly as a thousand suns. May your light lead the way for others to self-propel into their glory. May we recognize the light in ourselves and in each other. May our hearts activate the grid of love that underlies the delicate ground we tread. May our hearts remain open, shining with love in every moment. And, may we turn toward each other on gloomy days.
— AdaPia