Lunar Energies July 2019



The lunar cycle of July is the most significant of the year. Whether you're feeling it as the unrelenting release of heavy energies or the welcomed exhale of attained lightness, we've arrived at a demarcation point: a definitive culmination of energies, lessons, and transformation.

We're in a passageway facilitated by two new moons in the month of July (one on the 2nd and the other on the 31st), punctuated by a total solar eclipse (on the first new moon) and a partial lunar eclipse (on the full moon of the 16th). 

The unconscious becomes conscious, and the subconscious is more receptive to light.

What no longer serves, melts away. 

We're headed for uncharted territory in our conscious evolution. The July eclipses, together with a pantheon of retrograde planets, galactic cycles, and cosmic alignments mark a point of no return on the journey to our highest evolutionary purpose. 

We're seamlessly navigating the paradox of 'as within, so without' with grace and our own personal touch.

Our new normal is actionable introspection.

We are the home stretch and there is no looking back. We're shooting for the stars. In fact, we're not just shooting for the stars - we are the stars.  In order to (b)reach the depths of our potential, we have to leave something behind. We have to leave behind the aspects of who we thought we were. We have to let go of the stories that forged our identities out of egoic fear, worry, control, and doubt. 

We are cosmic light rockets, and our boosters (those small, false ego-identity masks) have fallen away. We let them go, with love. We thank them, with appreciation for the lessons imparted. The past is permanently severed from the future. We part ways, for good. 

From this point onward, we’re fully propelled by our Souls. 

As we traverse the Cancer-Capricorn axis of authority, activated by the multidimensional and bio-energetic nature of eclipses, our Soul Star is in Cancer - the sign of the crab, the scarab, the turtle - symbols of our immortality across myths, kingdoms, cultures, and civilizations. Cancer is the constellation of the Mother, the heart, and the home.

"With all the demands and responsibilities of daily life, it is easy to lose perspective of the stellar immensity that is our true home. The teachings of the Ancients invite us to realize that the Cosmos is alive with intelligence and spirit and that we ourselves are Cosmic Beings, infused with this living, celestial essence that unifies all of life." ~ Eden Sky

This is a homecoming. 

We're coming home to heart; the source of our truest power - not the false and precarious power of the ego, forever perched on a ledge of fear - fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of control, fear of others ... fear of life.

The heart's power is subtle, humble, and meaningful. As we shift further within, we get comfortable with the realm that the ego fears so much: feeling.  Our feelings inform the truth of our experience, our being, and of living. What feels right - to and for you? 

Bypassing the lower, linear mind, answers come with the simplicity of heart-knowing: Do I want this? Do I like that? Does this honor me?

The answers are refreshingly binary. Finally, we get definitive clarity to questions that used to tangle us in confusion. 

There is no room for shoulds in the home of the heart. ... Should I say this? Should I do that? Should I acquiesce to the ego's demands? ... The dissonance of the questions themselves is jarring. Those types of questions can be washed away in the depths of the emotional waters that we're finally welcoming ourselves to explore. 

As we purify our old, stagnant emotions in order to experience renewal, we're finding our footing in the realm of the heart and our ego is on shaky ground ...  

Our great compassionate Mother - Earth, receives and transmutes this eclipse energy, shaking things up to make space for the growing realization of who we truly are, and why we are here ... co-existing with her, and with each other. 

As the Earth rattled us with these eclipse earthquakes, what was shaken loose in your psyche? What energy bubbled to the surface? What patterns came up for release? How ancient was it and who did it belong to? It wasn't yours to carry. It was only yours to heal. 

Going forward:
We understand co-existence and co-creation.
We expand by releasing.
We re-pattern and re-parent ourselves.
We claim our wisdom.

And, we endure.

To endure is to recognize our timelessness.

To endure means to remain (in existence). It means to exist in perpetuity. Endure brings forward an inner power grounded in purpose, meaning, and significance. The significance of being. Being here, now. Being who you are, now. It’s a power that knows that you have a right to exist. It’s a power that knows and states, I AM significant. 

The experience of any challenge will be entirely determined by the choice of perspective that we take: 

Will I suffer meekly, i.e. endure as a form of prolonged or constant suffering?

Will I live courageously, i.e. endure, as a statement of factual existence for being here, alive and awakening?


We always have a choice. The perspective or position we take is a choice that determines the quality of any experience.  That experience is a moment, then a series of moments, and finally, life itself. 



This lunar cycle is a grand shift and a precursor to the great 2020 alignments and transformations. As one shift occurs, we're set up for the next, and the next after that.

So take heart, and take note: the only way to go through the shifts and the transformation they herald is to be unencumbered. To take only ourselves with Hearts open, and free. To let go of attachments to form in order to be more fully 'in' form - in our bodies, anchoring the Light that is streaming into us at increasing speeds, awakening our DNA.

Mercury is retrograde this month. Use this inward-focused energy to re-examine, re-assess, and re-calibrate how you communicate to yourself. What words do you use? With what tone? What are your mental patterns? We speak existence into form. We choose our words based on our patterns and beliefs.

We can choose new words and create new forms.  In doing so, old forms and structures shift, exhaling the energy that’s been held in place for as long as those patterns have been intact.

This lunar cycle contains the ending, and the beginning, of a new galactic cycle: the 13,000-year cycle of the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. The homecoming of Soul Consciousness.

In a timeless spiral sequence of synchronicity, the Universe expands and we elevate with and within it. As we allow things to falls away, we clear space in our heart, which fills immediately with Light and Soul - as it does so, we expand even more ... spiraling endlessly toward our destiny.

This is the will of the Soul, leading from its home, in the heart. 

May we eclipse the lower mind and begin bypassing and overriding the insecurity & indecision so pervasive in separation consciousness. May we free ourselves to redesign our original Soul Destiny according to our divine-human blueprint. May our true north always be guided by the trajectory of the Soul. 
— AdaPia