Lunar Energies September 2019



This month, collectively, we are living in the space between breaths. The pause between the inhale and the exhale. This is a month of integration, harmony, harvest, and balance, punctuated by the tension created between the application our will with the surrender required for our intentions to manifest.

Enter the portal of embodiment through a commitment to the breath. 

The intentional retention of breath - kumbhaka - is a central practice in hatha yoga. Breathing is the central practice of living. Remembering the simplicity of life in moments of chaos brings us back to center; back to Source, back to our power - and into Self-Mastery.

Be Still.
Ener Presence.
And Ask:
What more do I need than the connection to my Breath?

The play of polarities is testing our resolve, our patience, and our faith. What do we keep, and what do we let go? What worked yesterday won't work today - and don't we know it?! Double down on love, compassion, and forgiveness. Take a breath, fill with light, and release the tension. 

The spin is increasing and timelines are compressing.

Staying on our toes, led by the heart, we jump blithely between karmic traps. With each leap, dissolution of old ties. With each landing, a new vista. The stamina for these Soul acrobatics is found in the connection to our Tribe. Authentic connections abound when we live from our hearts. 

We seek each other's light, stories, and successes. Support is ever-present in more of the collective. Trust. Open. Invite. Share a prayer, post a picture, make a video. Do the thing that activates your light and another's heart. Hiding any part of ourselves in judgment, shame or fear anchors us to exactly that which needs to be released. The signal is clear. When it feels awful, let it go. 

You must see yourself as healed, having completed the unfinished business of your past. While you may visit your wounds every now and again, you can no longer emotionally or mentally reside in that contaminated psychic field, continually processing wounds that are decades old. Your focus has to be in the present moment. This is where your power is, and being in the present is what your health requires.

~ Caroline Myss.

Working With The Lunation

September begins the ending phase of our preparations for the 2020 reset. We are integrating our 4 bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, desegregating the divine masculine and divine feminine, aligning will with integrity, and unifying the ego into its rightful place of Soul service, amongst a host of other personal, inner alignments and recalibrations.

What needs balancing in you now?  What can be completed and honored for its teaching role? What has served its purpose in your evolution? What may be lovingly let go so that you may be open to receive the infinite new?

We are deeply held and supported in decluttering, re-organizing, and applying our efforts to bring forward the fruits of our labor by the archetype of Virgo ~ the sign of Divine Feminine embodiment, mentored by Mercury the Messenger, Chiron the Master Teacher, Vesta the keeper of the hearth, and Ceres the Great Mother and benevolent Goddess of agriculture. 

We are also called upon, for the good of this World, to reclaim the Sovereignty of our Minds. No longer drowning in the confusion of the collective unconscious, we own, honor and claim our thoughts ... and stop imposing them on others. 

As we transition from Virgo to Libra, we reach the gate of the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd. This is a sacred moment of equal day and equal night when we electromagnetically attune to universal balance between Gaia and the Cosmos.

It is a still point; honor it in gratitude, equally accepting all that has transpired and that which did not materialize. Align to the truth that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, gain or loss. Surrender the stories that create separation within and without.

What wisdom are you harvesting? What and whom are you grateful for this year? To what horizon are you turning your awareness? What is present?

The inner work and recalibration of the retrogrades of Jupiter (wisdom, expansion), Saturn (discipline, karma), and Pluto (transformation, death) have transported us deeper, broader, and wider into ourselves. It's time to harvest that wisdom as our new divine consciousness is birthed through the very bodies we so longed to escape from. 

In truth, we were meant to stay.
In light, we were meant to live.
In love, we were meant to endure.

We are holding more than just our breath. We are holding perspectives, paradigms, possibilities ~ multidimensional realities are just below the surface of our consciousness, pushing us to our edge, inviting us to notice, asking: what is the highest expression of this lifetime? 

September is a “9” vibration of completion and the infinite fluidity that births new cycles through transitions. Every completion contains a portal, an initiation and an entry point for new consciousness and new beginnings. If we travel through the transitions on autopilot, we unconsciously recreate the same story, again and again. How well we navigate the transitions determines our capacity to receive the newness that’s awakening and coming online, now.

~ Christine Clemmer

Permission to BE is in the act of being which only you can give to your Self. Since the World's a stage, why not play the part you most deeply desire? That's on offer - Now - waiting on the other side of integration and embodiment. We are all watching, hoping, cheering ... as we join you on stage and create a New World together.

Like the cosmic dance of Shiva wherein the Universe is created, maintained and destroyed, as we exit stage right, we enter stage left. And we do so with New Consciousness ~ as Conscious Creators with Infinite Vision and Instantaneous Manifestation. This is the moment for quantum leaps in our evolutionary journey.

May our integration be easeful. May we make space in our hearts and in our minds for the light codes of divine consciousness to enter, dance and play within! May the balance of light and dark encourage the return of our Divine Child. May we join together in ecstatic, radical, untethered JOY as we remove our masks with fervor and jump on stage!
— AdaPia