Creating true-to-the-vision brand for companies and individuals who seek to define their essence, values, and vision. Positioning the brand in the hearts of customers through authentic narrative and soulful messaging that enhances brand impact and customer loyalty. 


Guiding young companies and mission-driven founders to take their businesses to the heights they dream of. Through deep insights, custom strategies and bespoke programs that include sales, operations, capital raising, marketing, PR, content, and thought-leadership.


Supporting entrepreneurs, founders, creators, business owners and established companies seeking to align their most intense creative potential with a wildly successful, fulfilling, and profitable business. By focusing on the people, you unlock the potential.


Activating women's innate creative, entrepreneurial and leadership traits by releasing core issues holding them back, mentoring their search for meaning, guiding them toward internal validation and developing powerful professional poise.


I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. My insights, tools and strategies for creators, entrepreneurs, founders and business owners take their business and personal brands to new levels. I can see and design the path.

Companies are also realizing the importance of an inclusive and balanced leadership team, and the positive waterfall effects throughout an organization. I work with management teams to make impactful, meaningful changes to their workplace environments by integrating female leadership skills into the company culture for the benefit of every single person.

My approach is empathetic, intuitive and compassionate, as well as analytical, discerning and firm. My work is rooted in the philosophy of seeking balance, fostering open communication, and developing authentic presence.

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I've Served: Disney, Mattel, Cepia, Roofstock, AlphaFlow, Arixa Capital, Patch of Land, NRPR Group, Dadomani Studio, Powerstation Studios, Camilla d'Errico, Pascal Campion, Karen Lam, Ayden Gallery, CfPA Crowdfunding Professional Association, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Newhouse Center for Digital Media, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver Film School, and more.

AdaPia is a strategic thinker, incredibly knowledgable across multiple disciplines, tenacious, and hard working. She has real passion for the projects she takes on and delivers extraordinary results.
— Eve Le Master
AdaPia is one of those rare individuals that not only does what she says when she says she is going to do it, she does it in an amazing and unexpected way delivering results far beyond expectations. Intelligent, tenacious, enthusiastic and the best net-worker I have ever met, I have seen her connect with key people in new markets and most importantly capitalize on those connections, adding value to all sides. I highly value AdaPia’s marketing, strategic and commercial skills. She is the best!
— Dave Collins


$375 | 75 MINS

Are you a fierce female entrepreneur starting or growing a company or are you established and seeking a fresh perspective on your current business?

Let's get a pulse of your business, identify key challenges or key opportunities for growth and create an action plan to move you forward.

Individual calls are great when you need an outside, experienced perspective on key issues or untangling a perplexing situation.

Consultations are also great for helping you personally with prioritization, time management, leadership, effectiveness, and productivity. I know how overwhelming - and sometimes lonely - it can be to start, build and grow a company!

These sessions also serve to provide guidance, a 'sounding board' for vetting ideas or tactics, getting help on strategy development, or any other issues or situations when you just need a bit of extra help but don't want to hire a consultant.

To maximize our time together, I'll send you a questionnaire and review your answers before our call. We’ll go over your specific issues and come up with action items to achieve your goals.  Within 24 hours I’ll send you notes and written action items for you to follow.

Individual consultation calls can be scheduled up to two times per month. For more support, I recommend a program where I can provide ongoing guidance and support. 



Where are you with your business? Where are you as a leader, entrepreneur and a business owner? 

For those in the thick of it, the intensity of leading your business can leave you feeling drained, frustrated and overwhelmed. Entrepreneurs at all stages hit plateaus and feel like they are spinning their wheels. This is the moment when you turn to an experienced entrepreneur who's been there, and made it through to the other side - more than once.

If you're starting out, or simply considering it don't go through it by reading articles or taking online courses. Having an experienced guide right by your side ensures you are creating and executing on a focused, actionable and achievable plan. 

Whether you're well on your way or at the starting line, I help you get clear, prioritize needs, re-structure problems or situations, remove obstacles, identify major opportunities, and diligently work towards the goals and metrics that will move your business forward.

There is no limit to the challenges and opportunities that you face as an entrepreneur and creative. And no two are ever alike. That's why the program is completely customized to fit the unique needs of every client.

Together, we focus on your personal development as a leader with an emphasis actionable and tangible ways of executing on your business mission and vision. 

One of the most organized, self-motivated and brilliant business management people I’ve ever worked with. AdaPia has the vision and know-how to take an intellectual property from nothing to something to be reckoned with.
— Jesse Negron
AdaPia’s personable and insightful approach will give you intense clarity and sense of purpose to put you on course for sustainable, long-term success.
— Becca Braren



The shifts that are happening in business and in society around proper conduct, acceptable behavior, inclusion, discrimination, harassment and even assault have woken us all up, men and women alike. The world has changed, and we must all change with it.

It's time for anyone leading an organization or company in any industry, to understand the dynamics at play, and take immediate action to create the kind of balanced and inclusive workplace that brings out the best in every single person.

Companies that empower and encourage women to fully participate reap the rewards of increased morale, purpose, productivity, and profit. 

Specializing in the activation and empowerment of women in business leadership, I create bespoke training and facilitation programs that enable an organization to build a more balanced, inclusive and effective culture by integrating female leadership and traits into their workplace.

Female leadership - especially at the executive level, can have a profound impact on creativity, innovation, and culture.

My experience working as an entrepreneur and executive in the male-dominated entertainment, finance and tech industries has taught me how valuable an inclusive and open-minded culture - created from the top - can be in the progress and performance of a company. 

It is possible. And it's time! 

AdaPia is one of the rare people who is not only experts in their subject matter but can also explain it to others in a way that is engaging & entertaining without dumbing it down. Her strength in marketing and community-building is matched by her ability to communicate and transfer skills & knowledge clearly, invaluable in any training situation.
— Ken Ashdown



With 20 years working Internationally in corporations, startups and companies she founded, AdaPia gracefully guides early or growth stage companies through the hairpin turns, loops and lulls that all young companies inevitably experience.

For later stage companies, AdaPia's innovative, intuitive and visionary skillset bring the right kind of fresh perspective and energy needed to break through a plateau, refresh a brand and reconnect with customers.

AdaPia does not produce formulas; she delivers dynamic strategies and customized workflows that produce results. Get in touch to schedule an initial consultation to determine needs, timeline, deliverables and approach. 


Brand Definition & Development

Positioning & Messaging

Pioneering & Visioning

Public Relations & Media Engagement

Audience & Customer Development

Thought Leadership


Capital Raising

Influencer & Fan Strategies

Strategic Partnerships

Corporate Development

Crowdfunding Strategies

Product Evangelism & Advocacy


Mindful Marketing

Online Community Building  

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Cross Platform Marketing

Event Strategy & Operations

AdaPia was absolutely critical in building our company to what it is today. She took a fledgling startup and helped turn it into a national company with hundreds of millions in annual sales. In doing so, she helped define a new industry and in fact is considered to be one of the most recognizable and preeminent authorities in marketplace lending today. I truly appreciate everything she’s done for us and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Jason Fritton, CEO & Co-Founder at Patch of Land
AdaPia brings to any job, project or challenge an energy that is thoughtful, engaging and relentless. She is passionate, focused and fearless when bringing a creative solution to complex issues. I had the pleasure of working along side AdaPia at an early stage start up and I was always impressed with how quickly she synthesized information and implemented a corresponding strategy. Her experience allows her to see the big picture yet be mindful of the smallest details to ensure success.
— Douglas Cochrane