Brand, Positioning & Marketing Strategist

AdaPia does not produce formulas; she produces customized workflows and dynamic strategies that help you create success. Areas of expertise include:


Brand Definition & Development

Positioning & Messaging

Pioneering & Visioning

Public Relations & Media Engagement

Audience & Customer Development

Thought Leadership


Capital Raising

Influencer & Fan Strategies

Strategic Partnerships

Corporate Development

Crowdfunding Strategies

Product Evangelism & Advocacy


Mindful Marketing

Online Community Building  

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Cross Platform Marketing

Event Strategy & Operations

Coaching and Consulting Programs

Insights, tools and strategies for creators, entrepreneurs, founders and business owners who want to take their brands - and themselves - to a new level.  

  • Effectively determine your goals and identify and eliminate the obstacles standing in your way.

  • Highlight the unique characteristics of your brand and position it for your ideal customer.  

  • Implement targeted and effective positioning, marketing and communication strategies that make sense.


AdaPia's personable and insightful approach will give you intense clarity and sense of purpose that will put you on the right course for sustainable, long-term success.


Unite the dream with the bottom line!