We can only take others as far as we have been able to take ourselves. How far - and how deep are you willing to go? Self-awareness is the cornerstone of leadership. Knowledge of oneSelf leads to high-impact performance and exceptional outcomes. I help entrepreneurs, founders and executives gain clarity on who they are, their driving ‘why’, and how to achieve meaningful results in business and in life. I can see the path and guide you to your highest purpose and deepest meaning.

My philosophy and approach is rooted in empowering leadership through self-mastery, mindful practices and deep inquiry to develop authentic presence and confidence in creating the life, business and outcomes you deserve and desire. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with the unshakeable knowledge of yourSelf. There is nothing that cannot be overcome with the immovable sense of trust in your ability to always thrive, no matter what comes your way. There has never been a more important time to step into your highest purpose, develop your gifts and strengths, and be the leader you’ve always known yourself to be.


  • Self-Mastery & Self-Realization

  • Executive Leadership

  • Entrepreneur & Founder Leadership

  • Authority Through Authenticity©

  • Life Purpose & Life Path Alignment

The future of leadership is Authority Through Authenticity© - the rigorous path of self-mastery via self-awareness, self-inquiry and the unyielding search for meaning and purpose.

It means digging deep into the Self, transforming all limitation, developing fierce compassion and strength through vulnerability, and having the courage to seek truth, speak truth and live truth - in every facet of life.

Clients I've Served: NRPR Group, Anahata Conscious Living Institute, Calderly Group, USC Marshall School of Business, Upgrade Inc., Lendit Fintech, Powerstation Studios, Newhouse Center for Digital Media, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver Film School, and more.

AdaPia is a strategic thinker, incredibly knowledgable across multiple disciplines, tenacious, and hard working. She has real passion for the projects she takes on and delivers extraordinary results.
— Eve Le Master
AdaPia d’Errico is a pillar of couage and leadership, and perhaps embodies strength through vulnerability more than anyone I’ve ever met. She put on an absolute clinic today (at Lendit Fintech) that left me reflecting on so many ways to be a better leader and how to make AlphaFlow a stronger company.
— Ray Sturm, CEO AlphaFlow
AdaPia’s personable and insightful approach will give you intense clarity and sense of purpose to put you on course for sustainable, long-term success.
— Becca Braren
AdaPia is one of those rare individuals that not only does what she says when she says she is going to do it, she does it in an amazing and unexpected way delivering results far beyond expectations. Intelligent, tenacious, enthusiastic and the best net-worker I have ever met, I have seen her connect with key people in new markets and most importantly capitalize on those connections, adding value to all sides. I highly value AdaPia’s marketing, strategic and commercial skills. She is the best!
— Dave Collins
AdaPia is one of the rare people who is not only experts in their subject matter but can also explain it to others in a way that is engaging & entertaining without dumbing it down. Her strength in marketing and community-building is matched by her ability to communicate and transfer skills & knowledge clearly, invaluable in any training situation.
— Ken Ashdown
One of the most organized, self-motivated and brilliant business management people I’ve ever worked with. AdaPia has the vision and know-how to take an intellectual property from nothing to something to be reckoned with.
— Jesse Negron
AdaPia was absolutely critical in building our company to what it is today. She took a fledgling startup and helped turn it into a national company with hundreds of millions in annual sales. In doing so, she helped define a new industry and in fact is considered to be one of the most recognizable and preeminent authorities in marketplace lending today. I truly appreciate everything she’s done for us and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Jason Fritton, CEO & Co-Founder at Patch of Land
AdaPia brings to any job, project or challenge an energy that is thoughtful, engaging and relentless. She is passionate, focused and fearless when bringing a creative solution to complex issues. I had the pleasure of working along side AdaPia at an early stage start up and I was always impressed with how quickly she synthesized information and implemented a corresponding strategy. Her experience allows her to see the big picture yet be mindful of the smallest details to ensure success.
— Douglas Cochrane