I was one of three keynote speakers at the inaugural Truth Telling for Truth Seekers event in Los Angeles, CA in April 2018. The lineup included eleven incredible speakers, performers, comedians, and musicians.

This is a 20-minute talk where I tell the story about the moment my world, my picture-perfect life, came crashing down around me. It's the story of how I began digging my soul out from under my ego. 

At this stage in my life, after 20 years of being in business, living in 5 countries, starting companies, launching brands, identifying trends and and constantly exploring the depths of myself through personal development, behavioral psychology, yoga and mindfulness, I am passionate about sharing what I've learned. Whether large or small groups, a stage or a conference room, I love connecting with people and helping them see their own journeys, their purpose, their dharma, and reconnecting them with their deep, driving desires.

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