Nicole Rodriguez
CEO at NRPR Group

I've worked with AdaPia on numerous occasions, for multiple clients and I would do so a million times over. Her passion is unparalleled when she believes in a company and wants to help them succeed. She works hard. She's strategic, thoughtful, and SMART! I'm a huge fan and love working with her. 


James Hornsby
CEO at Cepia LLC

Ada Pia is highly creative and insightful combined with massive energy and with strong left side and right side brain capabilities. She specializes in new media and platforms such as Kickstarter, emerging communication channels and methods to connect with consumers. She is truly lovely to work with.


Jason Fritton
CEO & Co-Founder at Patch of Land

AdaPia was absolutely critical in building our company to what it is today. She took a fledgling startup and helped turn it into a national company with hundreds of millions in annual sales. In doing so, she helped define a new industry and in fact is considered to be one of the most recognizable and preeminent authorities in marketplace lending today. I truly appreciate everything she's done for us and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.


Miriam Libicki
Illustration Instructor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

AdaPia spoke to my fourth-year BFA class about building a business as an artist. She really broke it down practically, about how an artist's "brand" must be authentic and organic, but building and maintaining relationships (with fans, with galleries, with merchandise collaborators) has to be organized, considered, and flexible. She regaled us with real scenarios from her years in the art world, and the lightbulbs just sparked on over my students' heads. I think they'll all carry her invaluable insights forward into their future careers. 


Jesse Negron
CEO at DravnVerse LLC

One of the most organized, self motivated and brilliant business management people I've ever worked with. This is someone who has the vision and know-how to take an intellectual property from nothing to something to be reckoned with.


Dave Collins
Managing Director at Rizon Studios Ltd

AdaPia is one of those rare individuals that not only does what she says when she says she is going to do it, she does it in an amazing and unexpected way delivering results far beyond expectations. Intelligent, tenacious, enthusiastic and the best net-worker I have ever met, I have seen her connect with key people in new markets and most importantly capitalise on those connections, adding value to all sides. I value AdaPia's marketing, strategic and commercial skills so highly that we have engaged AdaPia to represent us in North America. She is the best!


Neacol Miller
Owner/Artist at Bling Squared

AdaPia was like a gateway, directing us on how to gain exposure and sales, and she provided a slew of introductions. Her endorsement acts like a key and she knows everyone.

As a result of our relationship with her, we have been featured on several awesome toy blogs, we have launched our work on a comicon circuit to tremendous (!!) response and have been featured as a supporting artist in a gallery show and a group show. We are continuing to focus our branding based on her original input, and I am incredibly thrilled with where we are headed. This year our projected sales are up over 100%, and a good part of that is due to AdaPia.

She is an amazing hype machine and will get you so excited about what you are doing. I would highly recommend her to any artist or company wishing to expand their market presence, their merchandising or influence in the pop culture scene.


David Scroggy
VP of Product Development at Dark Horse Comics

AdaPia has shown an impressive ability to coordinate a variety of distribution channels for her clients, using her ability to think "outside the box" to forge synergy among licensees around the world. She understands the artist as a brand, and is able to craft a strategy for her clients that heightens their visibility and advances their careers.