Like you, I am complex, nuanced, and ever-evolving. Like you, I've experienced personal tragedy and personal triumph. Like you, I seek more. More meaning and more fulfillment on my terms. I've learned how to achieve that by shifting my perspective, harnessing my intentions and activating a constructive mindset. By reconnecting with my Soul, and my deep, driving desires.

My path to finding real meaning happened through revelations around my pursuit of wealth and health for the wrong reasons. For meanings that were not meaningful to me, and motivated by what I thought I should want or what others told me I should want. I thought wealth was the highest number in my bank accounts and health was the lowest number on the scale. In other words: wealth = money & health = skinny. I came to these conclusions throughout my life - from family, friends, colleagues, and media. From society, culture, and prevailing trends.

These pervasive beliefs formed unconsciously and subconsciously, rooted in a fundamental lack of self-worth and a disconnect from my true desires.All that changed when I stepped into my purpose and onto my path. This is the journey I share in everything I do now - from the heart - and anchored in my Soul. 

Personally, I've overcome multiple health issues including a chronic autoimmune disorder since I was 16 years old, eating disorders and disorderly diets, sudden hearing loss, and hormonal issues (peri-menopause at 24) that affected me physically, psychologically and emotionally. I began to explore meaning and mindfulness early on, but it wasn't until I made a fateful decision to leave a 'good life' that changed my path forever. I have been slowly digging my Soul out from under my ego ever since. 

Professionally, I am an entrepreneur and have worked in finance, technology, and real estate. In fact, I still do (work in real estate investing)! I've started companies, developed brands and launched others’ careers. I've bootstrapped, crowdfunded, raised venture capital, and angel invested. I've "lost it all". I haven't hit the jackpot. I fall, get back up and try again. And again. And again. With resilience, we can reach the other side of any situation.

I’ve always been interested in the deeper questions of life, my role and purpose in the world, and in making meaning of my experiences. I’ve been undertaking psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual personal development since I was a teen. I wrote my graduate dissertation on the role of emotional intelligence in intercultural management, I'm trained in women’s leadership empowerment, yoga and mindfulness including a 50-hour chakra intensive and a 300-hour advanced training in Yoga Psychology, and I completed the 'Playing Big' Facilitator's program in 2018.

Since 2013, I’ve deeply explored and transformed through the power of reconnecting to the Divine Feminine through shamanic and energetic practices, and doing formal training through the Urban Priestess Mystery School. The more I learn, the more I am humbled by the complexity of what we are, what we are capable of, and how much we can truly empower ourselves and master our lives, by mastering subtle skills of energy, intuition and embodiment and the not-so-subtle skills of self-inquiry, shadow work and working with the psyche.

As I create meaningful change in myself, I am able to help others through sharing my process, my reflections and my stories. My story healed me. Our stories heal us. We can all learn from our own, and each others’ experiences. I’m on a path of deep devotion to my personal transformation. I believe we are here to find the deeper meaning of our life ~ the one we are each living as a unique individual.

I’m a deep thinker, a deep reader, and a long-form writer! Most importantly, I hope to serve as a guide while you make your way home to your soul. We’re in it together. This is the path. The path of meaning. The path of making the most of this gift of life and all it has to offer.

Our ability to get to the heart of the matter - to get to the matter deep in our hearts - will determine whether our outcomes will be profound and meaningful or shallow and superficial.
— AdaPia