Mindful Marketing - 3 Tips for Connecting With Your Customers

Recently I've been doing a lot of virtual presentations - webinars and podcasts - and while mostly these are about real estate crowdfunding and marketplace lending, on this one for Your Mark on the World, I spoke about Mindful Marketing and how we can use this philosophy to connect to customers. Here's a snippet from the interview, and podcast/webinar as well!

My Three Tips for Mindful Marketing

  1. Live and act with intent: Living and acting with intent is a powerful practice to be successful, and the same is true for marketing especially with social media. Rather than thinking of crossing off a to-do list, and automating everything for the purpose of being efficient, spend actual time even if that’s a few minutes, adding thought and intent to your posts. This will result in more engaging, authentic and felt posts, which in turn will bring better results than automating.
  2. Put yourself not only into your customer’s shoes, but also their online persona. The way people operate and behave online is different than how they act in real life. We are all multiple personas, so being in tune with this will help to achieve authentic connection and engagement. Act with laser focused intent – which in the online world can simply mean full attention– our full attention to the customer first, which may earn their full attention as a result.
  3. Create value for your audience. The greatest challenge and opportunity we have today is to create enough value for a potential customer, follower and audience member, to spend dedicated time on what we want to share or communicate. With no barriers to entry for vying for attention, it’s imperative that we focus on quality and spend the time and energy to be highly mindful and attentive–to needs, wants, trends, and desire for authentic connection.”

New Charity for Partnership for Camilla: Causora

We've established a new partnership with Causora, following Camilla's incredible "Prints for Charity" initiative that last year raised over $1800 for Good Causes. Now, with Causora, you can contribute to charities of your choice while getting to redeem prints from Camilla's site. Social. Good. Loving. It.

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Why Mindful Marketing?

A couple of posts ago I introduced "Mindful Marketing", which is the method I use when consulting clients on the most effective way to self-promote and do marketing, especially online marketing.  Mindfulness can be applied to everything because in its simplest form, mindfulness means paying attention. Read on to find out how I apply Mindfulness to online marketing and personal promotion.

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