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The follow-up book to my talk, ‘Journey Home to the Soul’, will be published in Q4 2019. This follows the talk, the Goalcast video, and the hundreds of heartfelt requests for details of my story, leaving the picture-perfect life, and finding the courage to honor the Soul.

I am committed to the empowerment of the soul within each of us: working with leaders to access their inner authority and helping companies improve their triple bottom line by honoring and harnessing the power of diversity.

My goal is to make a positive impact in everything that I do: from writing and speaking, to facilitating workshops and sacred circles, to co-hosting a podcast about personal financial empowerment: real wealth real health, and writing a monthly letter with self-inquiry practices and inspiration to guide our evolving search for inner meaning and self-mastery.

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about me, my work, and how I can be of service to your highest goals and desired outcomes.

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